"I Think I Am Interested On It"
Episode 4
Episode director Sei Sanpei, Jitsu Yamaoka, Masayuki Yamada
Scenario Masashi Suzuki
Storyboard Yoshifumi Sueda
Animation director Kazuyuki Ueda, Takayo Mitsuwaka, Fuyumi Toriyama, Mikio Fujiwara, Norikatsu Nakano, Takayuki Onoda, Kazuya Kuroda, Sayaka Koiso
Chief animation director Makoto Uno, Sayaka Koiso
Japanese air date

July 18, 2014

Opening "While We are Struck in the Headwind‎"
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Episode 4: I think I like it is the Fourth episode of the Rail wars! series


The Defense Four are assigned as the JNR idol Noa Kashima's guards during a performance on the beach. After guarding her from a fan at the station, Takayama faints. As thanks, Kashima gives him her stamp collection book. During a practice session, flash paper (Nitrocellulose) is burnt as a threat to Kashima's performance. The following day, during the performance, the criminal, disguised as a member of staff, attempts to run on stage and stab Kashima. Thanks to Iida's quick thinking, they manage to play it off as a performance. Takayama gets stabbed, but is saved by the stamp book in his breast pocket. In the end, it seems that Kashima develops romantic feelings towards Takayama.

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