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"Let Me Stay Like This Just For A Bit"
RAIL WARS! - 02 02.43
Chotto Dake Kō Sasete
Episode director Toru Kitahata, Katsuya Shigehara
Scenario Masashi Suzuki
Storyboard Yoshifumi Sueda, Makoto Hoshino
Animation director Genichiro Kondo, Takayo Mitsuwaka, Isamu Fukushima, Noritomo Hattori, Mikio Fujiwara, Fuyumi Toriyama, Kazunori Hashimoto
Chief animation director Makoto Uno, Sayaka Koiso
Japanese air date

July 10, 2014

Opening "While We Are Struck in the Headwind‎"
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Welcome to Defense Four! It was Cool
Let Me Stay Like This Just For A Bit (ちょっとだけこうさせて Chotto Dake Kō Sasete?) is the second episode of the anime RAIL WARS!

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Everyone starts talking about them being together again as the Defense Four. Nana Iida introduces herself as Fourth Peacekeeper Squad Leader of the Tokyo Central Railroad Public Security Force. Hitomi Gonō is notified that there was a bomb planted somewhere in Tokyo Central Station. Squad Four heads out and help people in Tokyo Central Station. Aoi gets mad at the fact they are helping people instead of fighting crime. She believes her job is to fight at the station. Naoto and Haruka are at a baggage check counter and notice a dog, in which the owner has picked him up yet. Nana comes to tell them its lunchtime and all the girls go to lunch leaving Naoto and Shō to finish. The girls have a special dessert that utilizes Liquid Nitrogen. An explosion then happens at a locker. The person to set it then asks for 100 million yen or another bomb will go off. Squad Four then goes to find the bomb. The counter womans tells Haruka that the person hasn't come for the dog and it keeps barking. Shō then tells them that the dog could know about he bomb. Aoi then tries to defuse the bomb, but fails. She then goes and gets Liquid Nitrogen and freezes it. The guy who asks for 100 million yen is caught. At the end Naoto is promoted to Squad Leader.

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