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"Welcome to Defense Four!"
RAIL WARS! - 01 03.09
Ke-yon he Yōkoso!
Episode director Hijiri Sanpei, Hiroshi Kimura, Minoru Yamaoka, Masayuki Yamada
Scenario Masashi Suzuki
Storyboard Yoshifumi Sueda
Animation director Kazuyuki Ueda, Takayo Mitsuwaka, Fuyumi Toriyama, Mikio Fujiwara, Norikatsu Nakano, Takayuki Onoda, Kazuya Kuroda, Sayaka Koiso
Chief animation director Makoto Uno, Sayaka Koiso
Japanese air date

July 3, 2014

Opening "While We Are Struck in the Headwind‎"
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"Welcome to Defense Four!" (けーよんへようこそ! Ke-yon he Yōkoso!?) is the first episode of the anime series RAIL WARS!. The episode was written by Masashi Suzuki and directed by Hijiri Sanpei, Hiroshi Kimura, Minoru Yamaoka, and Masayuki Yamada. It was broadcast in Japan on July 3, 2014.

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Naoto Takayama is on his way to enroll in Japan's National Railway Central Academy (JNRC). Along the way, he encounters two classmates, Aoi Sakurai and Haruka Kōmi. He befriends them and they form a group with Shō Iwaizumi, another classmate. They participate in various activities including shooting practice. One of the tests is coal-throwing. The four participate and are the only group to pass and succeed in attaining a speed of 100 km/h. During their final training on-site, they end up as a group and succeed in catching a pair of thieves. They are all granted participation rights in the OJT (On Job Training). 

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